ProDriver Congress 2019 Schedule

09:00 Registration opens

10:00-11:00 Session 1: Toward a national standard

The government is advocating national minimum standards for taxi and private hire. This is a key recommendation of the Abdel-Haq report into the sector, and is likely to form the basis of new legislation.

Is the old maxim “London leads, the rest of the UK follows” still accurate – or is London out of step with the reality of the sector?

This session will examine options for defining national standards in terms of licensing, training, vehicle selection and other issues.


Steve Wright – LPHCA
Eddie Townson – The Private Hire Board
Anthony Edwards - Brunel
Joe Polley – Parker Car Service
Charlie Bowmont – Capstar
Jonny Goldstone – Green Tomato Cars

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11.30-12.30 Session 2: Is London getting a fair deal?

The private hire sector contributes enormously to London’s public transport needs, but gets little in return from the local regulator.

TfL’s new licensing fee structure, the loss of congestion charge exemption and onerous ULEZ vehicle requirements all add to operators’ costs.

Is anybody listening to the genuine concerns Private Hire sector? And in this session, can we come up with some more sensible solutions?


Jonny Goldstone – Green Tomato Cars
Steve Wright – LPHCA
Debbie Wambergue – iChauffeur
Eddie Townson – The Private Hire Board
Greg Mendoza – Carey Worldwide
Dave Goldring – Europcar/Brunel

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13.30-14.30 Session 3: Technology made for sharing

‘Soft merges’ and aggregators are becoming a key weapon in the battle to beat the ride-hailing apps. Individual operators cannot match the vast funding at Uber’s disposal, but they can join forces to extract the best from the available technology.

It could be that “lending” your customers to a friendly rival is better than losing them to a hostile predator. And aggregators could help you broaden your reach nationally and internationally, while gaining new business from the travel sector.

This session examines trends and directions for booking technology, and how you can harness these powerful business tools.


Keith Keen – The Keen Group
Dave Goldring – Europcar/Brunel
Mike Galvin – Karhoo
Hasan Abod – Autocab
Roger Jago – CMAC
Amer Hasan – Minicabit

14:30 Tea and coffee, and breakout sessions

16:00 Conference ends