Uber has been a prime disruptive force in the private hire market – but as it fights to regain its London operator’s licence, a raft of new competitors are bidding to challenge Uber’s position as the prime booking app.

Among those lining up a London play is Taxify, the Estonian-based operator that has made major inroads into markets in Eastern Europe and Africa.

After a false start last year, new CEO Rich Pleeth is preparing Taxify for a full launch in 2018. He’s joining our panel session “The future of the taxi – who will own the market?” at ProDriver Congress London 2018 to explain how Taxify is planning to do things differently.

With autonomous vehicles likely to be deployed as taxis as an early initiative, are the technology companies better equipped for the future than the traditional private hire operator? And how can established operators make sure they remain competitive in a changing business.

Find out on Tuesday, June 12, at the Renaissance Hotel, London Heathrow Airport. To register for a free ticket, please click HERE.